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Yorkshire Dialect: Climate Contrast

Do folk really want permanent sunshine? Mike Shaw’s dialect tale focuses on climate considerations.

Ther’s nowt lahke a natter abaat t’ weather ter pass tahme on wi’ fowk tha dun’t know vary well.

It wer fair chuckin’ it daan t’ other mornin’ wen a few of us wer waitin’ in’t’ rain at t’ bus stop.

T’ bus shelter weren’t much good, awther, cos t’ rain wer comin’ daan ‘orizontal as we ‘uddled tergether lahke cattle in a field cooarner.

“Ah thowt we wer baan ter get a reight long spell o’ sunshahn, but it dun’t seeam ter manage mooar ner tuthri days tergether baat rain spoilin’ it,” one woman sed ter another.

“Yus, an’ Ah’m sure t’ weather forecast din’t say owt abaat rain this mornin’,” t’ other replahd.

“Ah wer baan ter come aat baat mi umbrella, but Ah thowt Ah’d better be on t’ safe sahde an’ Ah’m glad Ah wer.”

Bi this tahme t’ bus wer fahve minnits late an’ tempers wer gettin’ a bit frayed.

“Ah bet t’ weather’s just lahke this wen th’ ‘olidays come raand,” sed th’ umbrella woman. “Ah think we’ll gooa abroad next year.”

They wer cluckin’ away lahke battery ‘ens at this stage an’ one sed shee’d give owt ter see t’ sun shahnin’ ivvery tahme shee drew curtains back in t’ mornin’.

Just as t’ bus came in seet, this smart lookin’ chap next ter me pahped up, ”Nay, ladies, Ah dooan’t reckon you’d awl prefer perpetual sunshahne. Look wat it’s done ter t’ Sahara.”


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