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Fast Fiction: Day Out

Things happen to Derwent on his day out.

Richard Mallinson tells an elusive tale.

'Gotta match, guv?'

'No, but I have a lighter.'

'Thanks,' said the man, taking it. He lit a cigarette. Then he put the lighter in his pocket.

'Hey,' I said, 'that's my lighter.'

'Not any more it ain't,' he said, walking away.

'Haven't I seen you before?' asked a bronzed woman.

'I shouldn't think so,' I said. 'I've lived abroad for many years.'

'And so have I,' she said.

'You must be Esther, then,' I said, offering her a toffee.

'No, I'm Lavinia,' she said, moving on.

'Any chance of a ticket?' I asked the doorman.

'No, shouldn't think so, mate. We're sold out.'

'What if I offered you 100?'

'Sorry mate, we're sold out.'

'20 then?'

'Ah, that's more like it.'

'And did you enjoy your day in town, Derwent?'

'So-so, matron,' I said. 'First I lost my lighter. Then I met Lavinia. And finally I paid only 20 for a ticket. That's all. Toffee, matron?'


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