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Poetry Pleases: The Narrow Path

A path beckons, but do we have the resolve to go where it might lead?

Masimba Biriwasha sends us another thoughtful poem from Chiang Mai, Thailand. To read more of Masimba's words please type his name in the search box in the menu on this page.

In the woods, a narrow path just out of the blankness
And snakes underneath shadows of thorn trees
Into the hidden valley
It looks cleanly swept
As if many feet have journeyed upon it
In search of God-knows what
That which exists beyond the realm of the transient present
A search out of the frozen reality of being

The path closes at my feet,
And for some reason I wish I was the moon
Free to awaken dark azures
Beyond the thorn trees, I suddenly see the path opens widely

Yet, I stand still, stuck in the whip lashes of forbidden pleasures
Revelling in endless supplies of still waters
That atrophy a quest within
And reduce me to a scarecrow

The ordinary path wrinkles on
Till the grave appears, and swallows a dream never lived
A faith never lived
A vision that only hung in the unseen like neglected biltong

Stooping, afraid of the thorns
Fearing the venom of purgation
To rid the sediment collected within.
So I creep till the darkness gathers
And everything remains as it was yesterday


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