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Here Comes Treble: Uninvited Guest

Hurtful memories should be examined from time to time, says Isabel Bradley - but the examination should not be prolonged.

Recently, during a lovely afternoon of tea and scones with my daughter, we re-lived her teenage years. Such conversations are to be cherished, they draw those involved closer to each other.

Sadly, many of the memories we share are not pleasant. One in particular returned to me in all its beastliness. Some memories are never welcome:

Uninvited Guest

An uninvited guest,
Comes barging in to taunt me
When least expected.

Ghost of a night long-gone,
Purposely forgotten,
Rises to haunt me
With horror and guilt and shame.

The scene scorches through my mind,
One that would make the fans
Of all the soap-operas laugh
And cry, ‘Impossible!’

Could I have stopped it?
I should have stopped it
Before it ever began.

I should…

I wish…

But should-haves and wishes
And, ‘What’s done cannot be undone…’
Drove the Scottish Queen to dreadful death.
I’ll not have that.

‘All’s well that ends well.’
And, well, it ended at last.
So, I shed a tear or two,

Look at the ghosts of ‘should have’ and ‘could have’
One last time,
Then bury them deep.
Let happiness go on…

Hurtful memories should be examined from time to time, briefly and with compassion, then put aside again, locked away in the box of times gone by, good and bad, which we all keep buried in our souls. They are there to remind us of why we are the people we have become.

Their brief haunting should not overwhelm us, but should rather lead us on to improve our lives.

Until next time… ‘here comes Treble!’

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