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Around The Sun: Married Life

Steve Harrison finds married life far from satisfactory.

I met my wife-to-be in Manchester during the year in which I was trying to get my visa back to return to Australia. I enjoyed her company. She was an attractive airline stewardess, a Chinese Singaporean. We stayed in touch by letter and I dropped in to visit her for a week on my way back to Sydney, I should have realised she was a control freak. She changed my onward airline ticket without my consent.

She often came to Australia to visit me. Everyone in my church began asking when I was going to marry her. So one weekend, quite out of the blue, I did the deed. I flew to Singapore, asked her to marry me and we dashed off to a registry office and got joined. Yes, you can do that simple, quick stuff in Singapore.

Things began to bother me. Everywhere we went my wife asked me questions from a little book. “What should a husband do in such and such a situation?” "If we were in a boat with my mother and the boat started to sink, would I save her or my mother?''

I thought she was joking. Then she said “What’s mine is mine and what is yours is also mine.''

We set up a home in Sydney. I worked my ass off. She registered the company, handled all the money, organised all the financial side of things. I cranked out work like a machine. She filled up my days with appointments and the evenings were when I actually got some work done. We bought our own house, paid it off, then moved to a bigger house with a larger mortgage. We bought houses as investments, renting them out. We were on a financial roll, but my wheels were wearing out.

I was preaching, teaching and working night and day, investing for the future. I recall the day I heard the statement “A man works hard all his life to earn wealth, then spends all his wealth to regain his health.''

My wife seemed to have become my slave driver. Never ever on any account marry your accountant.


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