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North American Dreaming: Monadical Ramblings

Let me rise above my materialistic want...

William Burkholder's poem expresses a longing for the higher path.

To read lots more poems do please visit Bill's well-stocked Web site http://www.freewebs.com/nirvanasgate/index.htm

O, Liebnitz,
By what Monad am I derived?
Of lethargic earthen dust
Blowing listlessly in the breezes?
Of the oceans swells and beating crest
Pummeling wind swept shores?
I ask thee, O Liebnitz!
Tell me of my origins,
Say to me that which must be said!
For I am weary of counting these Monad's
Countless, small, and insignificant!
Let me meld them into Spinoza's Two
O spiritual I, Let me rise above my
Materialistic want and lust of worldly wares
And cleave to the higher path,
The ideal of truth and wisdom and grace
That I can only hope to transcend and be as
Our great heroes,
Aristotle, Socrates’, Plato!
Aye my Journey's task, Monads be damned.


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