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Around The Sun: Natural Talent

Steve Harrison meets with great success on his return to Australia.

A man spends most of his waking life working. He ought to figure out what he enjoys doing the most, then make a living doing it.

Luck certainly isn’t the right word. Providence is better. It conveys the meaning that life is not entirely ruled by fate and chance. It's not left entirely to the individual. Providence is a spooky word which involves guidance from the big spirit upstairs.

I returned to Australia at the very beginning of the desktop publishing boom. I had a Macintosh computer and single-handedly could do work that a whole team would have had to tackle during my early days in advertising. My work was good. Acutally it was very good. Might as well blow my own trumpet. I am not good at some things. Time keeping, book keeping, saying the right thing, always being kind... But I do know how to design and produce advertising. I pride myself on my work.

In a very short time I established myself as a prominent designer. People wanted my work and I was well-paid for doing it. People clammered for me to do work for them. I chose the work I really wanted to do and named my own price. I was in clover. I loved the work I was doing and my fame spread like a bushfire. Magazines requested I write articles for them. I spoke at seminars and computer design conferences. My client list became a who's who of the marketing leaders in Sydney. Apple computers and several other peripheral manufacturers gave me their products to test and endorse.

I was doing very, very well. Of course I was also still preaching. My congregation loved me.

I was doing good work, meeting great people. I was on top of the world. I was well satisified. I felt like a million dollars. The world was my oyster.

And then I got married.


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