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Thai Girl Tattle: Oh Blogger!

Andrew Hicks tells of the compulsive nature of blogging.

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A bit over a year ago I didn't know what a blog was. Then Philip and Vera visited us in our village eight hours out of Bangkok and the trouble started.

Philip said he could set up a blog for me in a few minutes before dinner and he did. Cat kept calling that the food was ready and I was madly trying to decide what to call the blog and I came up with something pretty silly. Then Vera told me to be careful I didn't get too obsessive about blogging and oh blogger, she was right.

Now the blog's way over 50,000 hits and writing it provoked me into finishing and publishing MY THAI GIRL AND I which is now on Asia Books' bestseller list.

And there's another amazing new listing of blogs about Thailand just come on line. If you go to www.thai-stars.com


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