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Yorkshire Dialect: 'Orse Power Days

Oh for the days when we depended on horses rather than cars! Mike Shaw tells another dialect tale.

It's allis a sahn 'at summer's just abaat ovver wen t' dominoes come aat ageean at t' club.

Wen Ah dropped in fer a pahnt last Frahday Jack Bamforth wer just emptyin' 'em aat o' t' box. Three on 'em wer waitin' fer sumdy ter mek up a foursome, sooa it wer a gooid piece o' tahmin' on mah part.

"Ah think this is t' first game o' doms Ah've 'ad fer months," Ah sed as Ah gate sat daan wi' Jack Bamforth, Jooa Sykes an' Dan O' Jack's.

As 'e wer shufflin' t' doms Jack sed e'd been ter taan that mornin' an' nooaticed aah much busier t' rooads wer ageean, naah 'at schooils ud gooan back afta th' 'olidays.

"Aye, ther's nooan much pleasure i' drahvin' thees days wi' traffic ther is abaat," sed Dan, who runs t' village butcher's.

"It's a pity we can't put t' clock back ter wen we awl 'ad 'orses asteead o' cars," 'e added. "It'd suit me a lot better fer one."

"Nay, tha can't stop prooagress," replahd Jack. "'Orse power wer awlreight in its day, but ivverythin' 'ud come ter a full stop just abaat if we'd ter depend on 'orses naahdays.

"An' just think aah monny fowk' ud be aat on a job if they weren't mekkin' cars or mendin' 'em.

"Wen we wer awl trottin' raand on 'orseback we ooanly needed t' blacksmith if owt wanted mendin'."

"Tha'r dead reight theer," Ah chipped in. "An' Ah'll tell thee wat, an' awl. It wer a bloomin' seet cheaper fer fowk wen they'd nooa big garage bills ter pay.

"At leeast, wen tha took thi 'orse ter t' blacksmith ter be shod 'e'd nooan think up another hauf-dozen jobs 'at wanted dooin' to it!"


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