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Yorkshire Dialect: Reight Power Houses

A summer when long johns could be left in the drawer. Mike Shaw tells another dialect tale.

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“Ah wish we could ‘ave a summer lahke this ivvery year,” Ah sed ter jack Bamforth an’ Jooa sykes daan at t’ club.

“Aye, ‘appens ther wun’t be awl this rush fer foreign ‘olidays then,” Jack replahd.

“Ther’s nowt ter beeat a ‘oliday i’ this country if t’ weather’s reight.

“It’d mek t’ cost o’ livin’ a lot less an’ awl if we din’t ‘ave ter
‘ave a fahre in t’ middle of August.”

Ah agreed wi’ ‘im on that an’ sed fer once Ah’d been able ter keep mi long johns in t’ drawer since t’ beginnin’ o’ June.

“Talk abaat nooan castin’ a claat till May be aat, Ah ‘ave ter wear ‘em awl summer as a rule,” Ah sed.

“Jack wer reight wen ‘e sed we’d save a lot o’ brass if it wer warm enough ter do baat a fahre for tuthri months.”

Jooa reckoned us fuel bills ud be a lot less if we used wind power.

Ah sed Ah wondered if fowk wanted wind farms awl over t’ shop. “Some fowk reckon they spoil th’ environment, but Ah’m nooan ser sure.

“Onnyrooad, whah should we be thinkin’ abaat mooar wind farms wen we’bve ‘ad a big un fer yeears. It’s called th’ Houses o’ Parliament.”


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