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U3A Writing: River

Monica Duckering's poem celebrates Australia's mighty Murray river.

Go sit by the river, the Mighty Murray,
Anywhere along its bank, any day.
Go sit by the Murray in summer or spring.
Sit by the river. It'll make your heart sing.
Watch the fat pelicans as they glide by.
See ducklings dabble, hear great hawks cry.
Then notice how the clouds shimmer below
Though clouds are still in the sky, I know.

Ripples disturb the surface and go on to the sea.
How peaceful, how perfect the scene can be.
Float downstream in a frail canoe
Or ride upstream by boat, as I like to do.
Feel on your face the lovely soft breeze,
But mind out for the stumps of submerged trees.
Be careful or you'll tumble in,
Kookaburra will laugh if you're soaked to the skin.

There is some sadness as well as joy.
Not the same now as when a boy.
We'd camp by the water, on the beach,
Learn all that the beautiful river could teach.
How I yearn for those days
When I could lie and gaze
Into the cool clear-flowing stream,
For now I can only hope and dream
That all the carp will be gone one day soon
And leave the dear Murray to play its own tune.


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