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U3A Writing: Witchety Grubs

Monica Duckering's poem emphasises that some things are just not meant to be eaten.

Witchety Grubs are all very well
B...ut, if I'm any judge,
I doubt if they'd sell.

Fine if you find yourself
Lost and alone,
Tired, starving,
Without even a bone.

OK to be eaten
By people who care
To discover the maggots.
The taste must be rare.

Witchety Grubs are full of nutrition
Or so I've been told
By a great dietitian.
But looking at one gives me a pain.
Please, please don't show me again.
They're yellow, they're squelchy, they move.
You have to winkle them out of a groove
In the bark of an old Mulga tree
That's definitely not for me.

No, don't trouble to ask,
"Won't you try one, my dear?"
The answer is sure to be

Sunraysia U3A


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