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North American Dreaming: Fallible Man

William Burkholder's poem advises that trust should never be placed in fallible man.

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I am not to be emulated nor looked up to.
My journeys have been ragged and lonely.
No, do not emulate me I would not wish that on even my worst enemy.

Who am I to be looked up to? No one really, just another soul, another man with angers and ignorances, lacking at times the foresight and wisdom to realize my errors.
No, do not look up to me.

Faith is good, but few deserve it, few have earned it in its purest forms.
To have faith one must give one's all in trust to another.
I am just a man, do not put your faith in me.

There are those who will gravitate to these things, insecure in themselves.
Emulate that which is true, those things that mean something. Emulate the kindness and Grace of God, and in that Man has no place, save for attempts to reach God's perfections.

Look up to those things that will make you whole, in body and spirit. I doubt even the physician in being a proper choice. Look up to that which is correct for you, be willing to change that perception just as your awareness changes, so should your loyalties.

Faith is the ultimate exercise in trust. Who is it that you ultimately place your full trust in? Answer for yourselves and then, reassess. How many relationships have come and gone based on this mirage of faith in another? Find your faith in the truth of all things, the simplest of these things being that Man is fallible.


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