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North American Dreaming: Recompense

Let us make love in the rain
Rather than cry in it...

William Burkholder's poem advises us to harvest life's happiness.

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Aye, pride that loathsome beast!
That which carries a tumult of
Consequential pain,
Causes in empty ideals of self absorption and self import
let go
Come to an understanding
Sow the seeds of selflessness
Tend a garden of unequivocal love.

Harvest, the beauty of life's happiness
Let us make love in the rain
Rather than cry in it.
Let the empty pride wash away
And with it
Let come a tender union of two hearts
Bearing each other's cares
My motives are yours, yours are mine
Let the rain nurture them and us in our time of
Rain's recompense and love.


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