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Yorkshire Dialect: Showin' 'em 'e's a Tough Old Stick

Is old Sam sticking around to spite them?

Mike Shaw tells another dialect tale. For more of his stories please click on

Ah wer in a bit of a queue at t' greengrooacer's shop t' other day cos we wer' 'eld up bi Sam Whitwam.

Sam's plenty o' brass but 'e's a beggar fer nooan spendin' tuppence wen a penny'll do.

'E wer treeatin' issen ter tuthri peaches, but cos one on 'em wer soft 'e wanted summat knocked off.

"Nay, Ah dooan't think sooa," replahd Walter, a mate o' mahne who runs t' shop. "If tha dun't lahke it, put it back an' pick another."

Sam muttered summat abaat 'em awl beein' soft, but onnyrooad 'e coughed up an' went on 'is way.

Walter shook 'is yed an' sed, "Ah'll swing fer 'im afooar long. Ah wouldn't mahnd if 'e wer 'ard up, but ah bet 'e's mooar brass ner awl on us put tergether."

Wen ther wer nobbut me left in t' shop Walter sed, " 'E's nahnty-one tha nooas, but 'e looks as if 'e'll be 'ere fer a few yeears yet.

"It's nooan just me 'at 'e rubs up t' wrang way. T' other shopkeepers say 'e's just t' same wi' them."

Ah telled Walter 'at 'e'd fallen once or twahce lately but done issen nooa 'arm.

"Yes, Sam seeams ter 'ave a charmed lahfe." 'e replahd. "They reckon 'at sumdy in 'is family greeased t' bottom of 'is walkin' stick cos they couldn't wait ter get ther 'ands on 'is brass."


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