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U3A Writing: The Awakening

Vera Sanderson's poem tells of an awakening that no one desires.

As from a dream I wake
And they have gone
Father, mother, sister, daughter, son,
To pastures new or death
And I am left

In this sad place
A house that once was home
The sights, the scents, the sounds of long ago
Mean nothing to me now,
For they have gone
And I am left

Marooned on an island
Lost in the sea
Of uncertainty
Drenched with dismay, discord, despair
Time cannot heal
They are not here
And will not return.

I must move on
To weld the memory of the years
My dreams, my hopes, my fears,
Into a new beginning.

And resurrect my heart and soul, and mind
And leave behind
The echoes of their laughter, anger, tragedy and pain
And start again.


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