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Poetry Pleases: A Broken Thread

Linda McLean’s poem says that love is too heavy a burden to be supported by a flimsy thread.

There is no hope now for the future:
No looking forward to tomorrow
No love or joy or understanding sympathy.
These all were shattered into memories
When the thread broke.

A peaceful day in June it started -
With the sun dazzling my eyes as it
Shone on the alluring, tempting promises
Of love and future happiness
Hanging on a slender thread.

The months passed – and some dreams
Came true. Yet often there were moments
When sorrow and disappointment, unforetold,
Would pounce – but they, seemingly
Only strengthened that lovely thread.

“Seemingly” I say, for love is blind,
As my experience has taught me. What
Appeared as a rope, so firm in its texture,
Was still that thread –so
Beautiful – so fragile.

And now farewell. A storm has snatched
Away those youthful hopes. Love is
Too heavy a burden to be placed at the end
Of a flimsy thread.

How can one mend a broken thread?


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