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Got The T-Shirt: Ariel Hierarchy

Steph Spiers' free-spirited poem suggests those lords of the air have their own ranks of nobility.

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Rated ‘poor man’ of nobility,
on the cusp the Tercel stands,
while Sparrow Hawk is tranquillity,
tithed priest o’er all their lands.

Servant of all and yet false knave,
overseer Kestrel on high flies,
sentinel messenger to the brave,
for those who’ll listen to his lies.

Lanner sits beneath the salt,
‘Bring succour Lanneret,’ the lowly squire.
Aloof Gerfalcon stands beyond fault,
regale the monarch hailed by choir.

Proud Peregrine envies all,
Bastard Hawk shares in conspiracy.
Earls and their Barons watch the falls,
o’ the hooded and belled aristocracy.


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