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North American Dreaming: Broken Spear Points

William Burkholder's poem tells of the greatest of all treasures.

Do explore Bill's Web site http://www.freewebs.com/nirvanasgate/index.htm

Diatribal infusions of hate and discord
Spear points sharpened at the tip of these words
Ignorance raises its evil head once again
Vain attempts to do me in

The tool, the shield and battlement
Kindness the sword and the testament
Weathering Diatom infections of useless banter
Wishing the sun would rise on this fool
And let him in
let him see what his words do to others
let him listen to his own diatribes that
diminish those that love him
Shame for such things
And Glory for patience
Glory for love
Glory for Kindness
Glory that my being is not hatched of such things

Broken spear points
Cleaved shafts
New found knowledge
In knowing that
Grace is by far
The most abundant treasure


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