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Fast Fiction: Decision Time

Other thoughts occupy the minds of the board members, besides that big decision.

Richard Mallinson tells of earthier musings.

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'I am the one who has to make the decision,' says Sir Len. 'But first I would like to hear your views ... What's your opinion, Herbert?'

'We will never get the finance.'

'And yours, Rupert?'

'We lack the expertise.'

'And yours, Toby?'

'Too risky at this stage.'

'And yours, Fenella?'

'Oh, I agree with my husband - for a change.'

'Thank you,' says Sir Len. 'There are drinks awaiting you in the other room. Nicole will let you know my decision.'


As they sit drinking, Herbert turns to his wife and asks, 'What did you mean, you agree with me for a change?'

'It was perfectly clear what I meant, wasn't it?' replies Fenella.

'Perfectly embarrassing, more like,' he grumbles.

'Now, you two, steady on,' says young Toby. 'Thank god I'm not married.'

'Hm, perhaps nobody'll have you, uh, dear?' murmurs Fenella.

'Well, I bet you would, given half a chance,' he retorts, leering at her.

'Don't flatter yourself,' she says. 'You're not exactly Sir Len, are you?'

'T-talking of Sir Len,' says shy Rupert, 'I reckon he f-fancies Nicole.'

'Hey, I heard that,' says Nicole, coming in.

'Sir Len fancies lots of women.'

'Yes, including my wife,' growls Herbert. 'Now, Nicole, what's the decision?'


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