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Got The T-Shirt: Midsummer: Garden Sunset

This wonderful award-winning poem by Steph Spiers conjures up the mystery of an English midsummer garden.

Daily are bestowed and freely given, these sublime gifts
of rich largess straight from paradise; from the patio . . . enjoyment lifts.
The springing moss carpet sighs ‘stay a while’, lush greens sway in the lazy breeze,
a thud: wind blown fruit falls, branches yearning to be swung from listening trees.
Beauty in a closing flower. Sun setting through cherry leaves,
the golden tinge of languid midsummer; a mandarin glow at sunset on the eves.
Hanging over the hedgerows, lavender tainted wood smoke
spreading over crushed thyme; a mystery of tamed nature, limed oak.
Behold the voice of the trees! A ripple glides through whispering apple boughs.
Earth-song. Listening with heartfelt intuition the willow lowly bows.
Koi play seek beneath the water lilies. On unripe cherries squabbling starlings alight.

On the pads; their eyes keeping watch, only the frogs now silently await.

Midsummer’s Eve has arrived.

Stephanie Spiers 2008

Shugborough Garden Poems Competition Prize Winner


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