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North American Dreaming: The Idealistic Flap Of Patriot Banners

William Burkholder’s poem calls for a stand to be taken against self-serving egotists.

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Intellectual blindness has beset the learned man and woman.
The elevated standings of empty tutelage,
Dark opinions, ruminations of fear and loathing cast in bitter arrays at the hand of
political pundants, preaching their versions of refusal and closed eye.
Middle and lower class citizens, grovelling under the feet of the uppers,
The have-mores raise their noses and close their eyes, again, and again.

Where is vision's cane? Tell me please so that I may retrieve it and place it in the hands
of these poor souls who have no regard for me, or my brothers and sisters.
Let me place it gently in their hands and whisper...
"At what point did you realize the loss of your soul, the loss of your humanity?"

These misguided, self serving egotists succeed at their narcissism, because we allow it.
Our silence to the injustices rendered, misconceived as the ability, the power to carry out their uncaring practice of alienation.

This power wielded irresponsibly. Our servants at the helm steering for the shoals.
Passengers all, we must take the tiller at last and finally carry this vessel to calm waters.

Our dead brethren, expect this of us... NO, demand this of us, the idealistic flap of our patriot banner demands this of us.


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