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U3A Writing: The Interior Designer

Lee Cohen tells of a person who goes in search of a brand new “me’’.

So I decided one fine day that my place needed to look and feel different. Having no idea where to find an interior design specialist, I opted for the Yellow Pages. Already the colour yellow felt right. I read down the list and chose one, Mrs. Kama, B. Kama.

Sounded excellent. So I gave her a ring.

“I need some changes to be made,” I told her. “Can I come over to see you?”

“Mmm,” she replied, “I’m a bit busy just now. How would next week suit you? Say Thursday 12 noon?”

I could hardly contain myself. Would she really make a difference, I thought. The more I considered it, the more excited I became.

Thursday 12 noon I arrived at her house. “Rather nice,” I thought. “Tidy garden, neat attractive cottagey home away from the street. Quiet and peaceful.” It gave me confidence.

“I think I’ve made a good choice.”

I knocked on her door. Her secretary let me in, and led me to the waiting room, adding that Mrs Kama would not be long.

“That’s OK,” I replied, “I’m a few minutes early.”

The waiting room had a lovely calm feeling and light classical music was playing in the background, enhancing the peaceful atmosphere. A few minutes later, a tall attractive woman walked over to where I sat and introduced herself as Beatrice Kama.

“B for short,” she said with a laugh. “Won’t you come through?” and we walked into her consulting room. After politely offering me a seat, we began.

“Now, won’t you tell me what you want?” she enquired.

Ï don’t quite know where to start,” I said. “I guess I am just tired of the way things are at the moment, and really want a change. My place is dull and has been like that for too long lately. Frankly I’m not happy to leave it as it is any longer.”

B encouraged me to go on, questioning me as to what changes I would like to see. “Definitely more colour,” I ventured. “Less depressing interior, lighter fittings and I need to get rid of the grey drapes. Don’t know why I ever chose them in the first place.”

“There’s always a reason,” B answered. “Perhaps at the time you chose them, the place needed toning down to subdue something else that was a little harsh.”

“Mmm, could be.” I agreed.

“I was younger then, and the grey seemed kind of different and moody; terribly sophisticated. Anyway B, can you help me?” I asked.

“I’ll try,” she agreed. “But I’ll have to look at your home and see just what needs attention. There’s always a lot to be done, but you will have to do the bulk of the work in terms of deciding what to change and how. Don’t forget that when you get rid of something the void has to be filled, and you must have everything prepared and ready to receive whatever else you want to put in.”

“Oh, I know,” I replied. “I’m quite familiar with those requirements, and have given a lot of thought to what is going to replace the drab old stuff. I desperately want a brand new me.”

“Then, let’s get to work immediately,” B said. “Let interior designing begin!”


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