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Around The Sun: The Rose Of Australia

Steve Harrison begins to recover from his traumatic divorce.

I headed in the direction of the railway station at Erskineville and discovered for the first time The Rose Of Australia. A huge band was playing blues and jazz. Their bass guitarist and singer were absolutely fabulous. I drank a couple of amber ales and my whole persona changed.

The singer sounded like someone I had heard years ago on the radio. I had stopped the car, written down the guy's name, then searched music stores for any records he had made, but without success.

During the interval at the Rose I went across to tell the guy how much I enjoyed his singing, and to ask his name. “Jackie Orszaczky,” came the reply. He had a gravelly voice and was from Hungary. I could only understand twenty per cent of what he said, but it was definitely the guy I had heard on the radio.

His band played at the Rose every Tuesday evening. The pub became a musical haven, and Tuesday evening became the highlight of my week. I was a dedicated fan. I always stood as close to the band as possible, letting my hair down while enjoying several beers. The great music always put a smile on my face.

Fantastic people rotated into my path, people who loved dancing and great music. My universe began to change. I met new friends, beautiful people. The first time I talked to Corrina she told me of her great love for Joni Mitchel. We sipped Irish whisky and sang some of our favourite Joni songs. Corrina loved to dance and was always in an effervescent mood. Two Jameson whiskies, and she sprang into action. She was one of the sexiest women I ever met. She danced as though she was in love, and didn't give a damn who knew about it.

It wasn’t long before Corrina and I were very much involved with one another. She swept me away to magical places. She was my reward for having endured so much frustration. She simply loved sex. She will always be one of my favourite women. Intelligent, witty and good in bed.

I could write a book about Corrina.


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