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Yorkshire Dialect: Yar Day Aat

Mike Shaw's dialect-speaking characters have a good chuckle on a day out in Scarborough.

Fowk fra t' chapel 'at gooa on a day trip ivvery summer gate thersen inta a reight tizzy this tahme. Wen it came ter decahdin' wheear ter gooa, hauf on 'em sed Blackpool an' t' other hauf plumped fer Scarborough.

Ethel an' me vooated for Scarborough, cos we reckoned it'd be better sittin' i' Peasholme Park ner spendin' us brass at t' Pleasure Beach. An' eventually Scarborough came aat on top.

Wen t' day for t' trip came raand an' we gate on t' cooach Ah telled Ethel Ah wer fair lookin' forrard ter a day in t' sun.

"Mahnd thee, we dooan't want onny daft gooins-on lahke ther wer monny yeears back wen a cooachlooad went ter Scarborough. A few on 'em gate a bit fresh an' went on t' lake in a rowin' booat. Wen one chap stood up t' booat capsahzed an' awl t' lot on 'em finished up in t' watter.

"A chap telled me afta 'at they wer scared stiff o' draanin, but t' lake wer nooan ser deep sooa they could wade aat. But that scuppered 'em fer t' rest o' t' day whahle ther clooathes drahd aat."

Ethel went awl serious an' sed: "Nay, ther'll be nowt lahke that terday. Yar lot are sensible an' sober."

"Well, tha's ter 'ave a laff naah an' agen, otherwahse lahfe'd be a miserable affair," Ah telled 'er.

"Sumdy i' Scarborough's getten a sense of 'umour at onny rate. Can ter see that pooaster on yond chapel?"

Even Ethel 'ad ter smahle wen shoo saw 'at it sed: 'Son worshippers welcome here!'


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