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Poetry Pleases: Down And Out

William Ruleman's poem highlights the fear and panic which goes along with these tough financial times.

Watch out for more of William's excellent poems in future editions of Open Writing.


“It’s not a pretty sight: People in the financial world tell me about friends who are buying safes in which to store their cash at home; about withdrawals of millions of dollars in currency to prepare forthe ultimate meltdown. = David Ignatius, "Alphas in Their Bunkers''.

When money’s what it takes for you to be happy,
And stocks are all you have to prove your worth,
And times get tough, friends, cash it in and make it snappy:
Don’t dare get caught bare-handed, sharing your dearth.

I placed my faith in this or that derivative -
Lost track but hid my fears behind a hedge;
To stop while on such a roll seemed, frankly, inhibitive:
Those sproutin’ stocks then turned to soggy sedge!

My fifty million of only a year ago
Has dwindled down, my friends, to a measly ten.
I bought a safe to stash the rest in, so
I wouldn’t be penniless, if and when

The bottom fell right out, as well it might.
Wall Street’s fickle, you know. Do have a nice night.


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