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Around The Sun: Every Event In My Life

Steve Harrison has a vision of the end day.

I was walking across Sydney Harbour bridge and everyone I had ever met were walking towards me, greeting me and saying goodbye.

They say that just before you die every event of your life passes before your eyes. I choose to think that is probably true. Certainly every situation and event is stored up in your grey matter.

Writing this account of my life has been an amazing experience. Events from years ago, long forgotten experiences, have come flowing in. The cobwebs covering my own history have been brushed aside.

As I get older I still seem to be surrounded by familiar people. It doesn’t matter where I go, far and wide, I see faces which remind of of friends such as David Elsey or Timothy Green. I’ve often followed behind older men who remind me of my father. On occasion I have followed them for a little while, thinking I was walking in my father's footsteps. Maybe as we get older, as our ambitions become unobtainable, I minds protect themselves by looking back on the familiar, attempting to make sense of what has happened.

So here I am in my mind's eye, in the most spectacular location I know - Sydney harbour bridge. This bridge is a wonder of the genius and creativity of man. It represents strength and solidity. It is a thing of beauty, enhancing it's surroundings.

I have walked it’s span, ridden bicycles and motorbikes over it, roller skated across it, driven cars and trucks over it. I've jogged across it and even climbed to the top of it.

This bridge is beautiful.

It is a fitting place for me to meet my past.

I am walking from the north side towards the city. People pass me, then turn around to look. I also turn, thinking I have met them before, though I cannpt recall where. Each face is familiar, though I cannot put a name to any of them.

The bridge is now crowded. I exchange furtive glances with each person I meet. There are children, parents, grandparents... The well-to-do and the not-so-well-to-do. Some dressed as though for a party, others badly dressed. Some are dragging their feet, others walk with confident step. There are people of every colour and nationality.

All of them look familiar, but I cannot put a name to a single one of them. Some extend a hand to be shaken. There are tood many to be greeted.

They turn after passing me by, as though to catch a final glimpse of me. Then they disappear into a sea of people.

I am still walking against the tide.

The walk takes a good 30 minutes at a brisk pace, but in this experience seems to last forever. I am surprised by how many people I know. And still they keep coming. My heart swells with pride. Instead of collecting objects, things, I have won hearts, made friends, and this makes me happy.

My heart is filled with happy memories.

I have not reached the end of the bridge.

Not yet.


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