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Fast Fiction: Interview

Ah, but what will follow the drink?

Richard Mallinson's enigmatic tale invites you to "write'' your own ending.

For more of Richard's fast fiction please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/fast_fiction/

'And what was the final straw, Ms Finn?'

'The straw that broke the camel's back, you mean?'

'Do I?'

'Well, near enough.'

'Perhaps I should say the point of no return, then?'

'Or perhaps not . . . Are you new to this?'

'New to what?'


'Er. . .'

'I'm your first, aren't I? You're going to lose your virginity on me.

'Am I?'

'Well, metaphorically speaking.'


'Oh, never mind . . . Anyway, the final straw was when he came home with a couple of slappers and started stripping them.'

'Not even behind your back?'

'No, not even . . . Now, come on, ask me about my future plans.'

'What are your future plans, Ms Finn?'

'God help us . . . I'm going to have a drink.'

'And then what, Ms Finn?'


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