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North American Dreaming: Loss Of Continuity

William Burkholder cries out for an understanding that we humans all share a need for fair play.

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Minds enveloped in self-serving folds, the ego is in control once again.
Such things are in continuity with humility and braggadocio. It is the malady of the human condition. Where we seek what we ultimately abhor. Our gluttony for pain is self perpetuated. In certain conditions however, we truly become the victims of other's diatribes, and physical assaults.

Still, this self perpetration of alienation and disheartenment lies within them and ourselves. Our sense of fair play for whatever reason becomes splayed, resulting in these attacks against the body and spirit. instead of "fair play," it becomes a thing of vengeance, a thing of attack.

These are not natural occurrences, however common they may be in today's societies.
This "Society" has become reticent in its ability to communicate commonality with our brothers and sisters. Flags that delineate geographical lines have become more important than the very blood that flows in all men's veins.

What are the beginnings of these mindsets, these learned and accepted trespasses,
In our capacities to learn and love, to be able to function in higher thought processes,
Why is it that we have not found commonality in the basic rights of each and every man, woman, and child?

Such subjects in most cases cause the eyes to glaze over, and retreat once again into those self serving folds, pulling denial's curtain over the common sense of this thing.
Political agendas and the quest for power. Personal agendas and the need to dominate through humiliation, physical and spiritual abuse. ultimately, perpetuating injustice upon the un-enlightened and enlightened alike.

Christ was crucified for his enlightenment, for his spirituality, Gandhi for his love of his country and compatriots. Yitzhak Rabin in his quest for peace. And then there are those who have suffered under the hands of the so called leaders, the Christians under Rome's rule, the Jews in the Warsaw ghettos and other like places. The innocents in Darfur, Haiti, Somalia, Nicaragua. To what ends man and his self serving power are willing to go?

In many cases, we retreat to what we know, to what has been previously learned. There is very little advancement towards that realm of new ideas in terms of coming to a common understanding between man, countries, religions, and doctrines. Doctrine being that of a conceived idea whereby many prescribe. These doctrines and the fall out from them have created many victims. The foothold to power sadly, is most often on the backs of the defenseless and innocent. Should we not advance ourselves, and strive to eliminate this ignorant, deplorable mindset of violence?

It baffles me at times to think that such things are readily accepted. That the continuing message of the day is simply more violence, more alienation, more bigotry and injustice.

There must come a day when all men shed these things and realize that commonality is more universal than that of the differences perpetuated by the leaders and religions of this world. Common tactics in defense of the status quo, accuse me of naiveté, of being a dreamer in the real world. Without dreams there will never be change. Pursuing them however, must be a communitive effort. I am saddened to see that in spite of our technology , in spite of our knowledge and wisdom gleaned over the centuries, that we truly refuse to see the folly in violence and war and these misconceived ideas of power and justice. So many causes can be attributed to this state of man. And as with these causes come the excuses for justifying them. We have lost sight of common simple truths. The imperative should be to regain this sight. To let all see humanity as a right bestowed on all and not just the few.


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