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Donkin's World: Ocean Roadkill

Author and journalist Richard Donkin stands up for the creatures of the sea.

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As Mike Slade's ICAP Leopard closed in on the transatlantic world speed record for a mono-hulled yacht with power-assisted winches, sea life scattered from its path. Or not, in case of a poor sunfish that became wrapped around the rudder.

In the record bulletin the emphasis was entirely focussed on time lost rather than the plight of the fish. Fish, dolphins, whales - they just seem to be regarded as inconvenient hazards for yachts.

For surface swimming sea life a modern racing yacht travelling at speeds of between 20 and 30 knots is akin to a blunt blade cutting through the waves. A big whale might have a chance but anything else can forget it. Yet no-one seems to mind.

Well I would like to stand up for the fish and the mammals. It's distressing to hear of whales, sharks and other wildlife shredded and thumped by these high tech racers. I suppose it's just another form of road kill.


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