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Fast Fiction: On The Platform

So who is going to stand next to Ms Tally Renn.

Richard Mallinsonís tale concerns an intricate morning performance.

For more of Richardís Fast Fiction please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/fast_fiction/

There were four of them on the platform of the country station, waiting for the early train to London.

They were standing a few yards from each other.

Ms Tally Renn was between Ted Greete and Larry Oppen.

Mike Harvey was behind Ms Tally Renn.

'That's lovely scent you're wearing,' said Mike Harvey.

Ms Tally Renn took a step forward, turned right and walked past Larry Oppen. She stopped, did a left turn and faced the front.

Mike Harvey went forward to where Ms Tally Renn had been.

Ted Greete took a step forward, turned right, walked past Mike Harvey, Larry Oppen and Ms Tally Renn - then stopped, did a left turn and faced the front.

So at that stage the line-up, left to right from behind, was: Mike Harvey, Larry Oppen, Ms Tally Renn and Ted Greete . ..

Larry Oppen and Ted Greete edged closer to Ms Tally Renn, who took a step back, turned left and went to stand behind Mike Harvey.

Mike Harvey closed up on Larry Oppen.

Ms Tally Renn went forward to join the line on Mike Harvey's left and that's how they were when the train arrived.

Something like it happened every morning.


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