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Got The T-Shirt: Silverdale

This poem by the wonderful Steph Spiers highlights the sacrifices made by coal miners in building up Britain's industrial might.

My mam cried. I heard her say,
‘Silverdale’s been saved today.’
Da looked at me with a grin,
‘Chuck tha’ chip butty in the bin.
Happy days are coming soon.
Your Da’s pocket’ll ring another tune.
The Silver’s coin is on the way.
I’ll be going back down any day.’

Mam rubbed her eyes on the cloth,
Smiled at Da, and watched him cough.
‘New shoes for Johnny and a car,’
spluttered an’ wheezed my poor Da.
‘One o’ them motors tha’ costs a packet.’
But, red foam flecked down his jacket.
Mam wiped a slow tear off her face,
and kneeling down fastened up his lace.


(Silverdale Colliery in Newcastle, Staffordshire, opened in 1830, finally closed in 1998)


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