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Poetry Pleases: The Disabled Toilet

Brian Jenkinson's poem concerns a nine-year-old boy's confusion over that word "disabled''.

There's a disabled toilet
Outside our ChurchHall door.
I thought the word 'disabled' meant
It didn't work anymore.

And so one day I crept inside
To have a little wee,
Then, when I pulled the handle down,
It worked all right for me.

When I came out I said to Mum,
"That lav's becoming fabled.
It's been here now for many years,
And yet it's still disabled."

"There must be money in the bank.
Are they too mean to spend it?
Why don't they get the plumber round
And see if he can mend it?"

"You silly boy," my mother said,
"Although the door is labelled,
The toilet's fine.
It's there for use by people who're disabled."

"For those who're lame, or getting old,
Or maybe feeling queasy,
The rails and handles in the lav,
Make using it more easy."

So think of our Church members
Who are not as fit as you,
And someday may be grateful
For our own disabled loo."



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