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Fast Fiction: Three Of Us

"Remember me to Tommy,'' he says in parting. But is Tommy capable of remembering?

Richard Mallinson tells a greasepaint tale.

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'I wonder who's still left from those days,' I said.

'Well, three of us, at least,' chuckled Mr Rouge.

'Three of us?'

'Yes ... you, me and Tommy.'

'Good heavens, do you still have Tommy?'

'Oh, yes, I'd never part with Tommy.'

'But surely you're not still doing your act?'

'No, we gave that up five years ago. We live quietly now, Tommy and me, just the two of us ... in Worthing.'

'We had some good times in those revues, didn't we?' I said.

'Yes, I have fond memories ... Here, have another sip ... And what became of, er, that sexy dancer? Did you marry her?'

'Thanks ... No, she was snapped up by a cricketer.'

'Bowled the maiden over, did he?'

'Er, well ... anyway, these things happen ... and now I must be going ... and you have a train to catch, haven't you?'

'Yes, back to Worthing,' he said, putting his hip flask away.

'Well,' I said, getting up, 'remember me to Tommy, won't you?'

We shook hands. 'Oh, he'll be pleased,' he said, 'he always likes to be reminded of the old days, does Tommy.'


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