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Got The T-Shirt: Trentham Colliery Epitaph

Steph Spiers' powerful poem reminds us that coal miners still had a price to pay after the pits were closed.

To read more of Steph's poems please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/got_the_tshirt/

Hem Heath’s gone heard them say
Closed and shuttered yesterday,

No more coal shines glossy black,
Potters' sons stopped shovelling slack.

No more mates, no more noise,
The very last shift for our boys.

No more winch cage clanking down
Wise-cracking blokes overalled in brown,

Echoing laughter from the rich seam
A glint of light from a hard hat beam.

Local protesters held the sway
No surprise the miners had to pay.


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