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Poetry Pleases: Truth Revisited

John Brian Leaver's wish, should he return in another time, is, with pen in hand, to rediscover the eternal truths.

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Should I return in another time
my wish would be a pen of prose and rhyme,
fashioned on the anvil of the God of Muse,
a giant who wrote with ruthless truth
of the wiles of men, their guiles obtuse

For measure then I shall leave behind
such names in the pantheon of the mind,
Homer, Virgil, Shelley, Keats, that I may
unravel the waggish wit, by some reviled,
of Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wilde

But yes to the peasant's simple ring,
John Clare's eventide when crickets sing;
what would I give for the breathless line
of Francis Ledwidge and his early morn
with green ripples singing down the corn?

Yet in all the annals of power of pen
there my Hero shall write again,
should I return in another time.
Once honoured truths I shall re-elicit
with the honest quill of William Hazlitt


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