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The Day Before Yesterday: 52 – Hitting The Coconut

Gladys Schofield recalls the Easter fair coming to town.

We had not seen Charles or Reg since they went to start their training (foot slogging it was called). Charles was still on a course and couldn't get leave until fully qualified. Reg had been assigned to a tough regiment run by Colonel Wingate and we knew he would not stay in this country long.

A large fair came to Leeds Road, Huddersfield every Easter. We had always gone each year, ever since we had got to know each other. Cliff had the talent of just hitting the coconut in the right place to knock them off, sometimes knocking two coconuts off with the one ball, for this, the prizes were better. We won glass dishes, crockery and the coconuts this way, so we have gone year after year.

We had a good excuse to be kids again this year, we took Alan. It was always a fun place to lift your spirits. I loved the tiny new potatoes they made into hot chips, seasoned with salt and vinegar and we always seemed to have a goldfish in our collection of prizes but they never lasted very long.

I can remember Alan was dressed in a little red outfit with a pixie hood. A relation of Cliff’s bought it, he looked lovely in it. It sounds funny, thinking of it now, relatives just seemed to appear when there was an event like a new baby and then disappeared again until something else stirred them into action. My mum must have had a thing about maternity homes, she never visited me while I was in there but came when I got home. It seemed to be more, us visiting them, than the other way around. I wonder if that is why I feel close to my children. I never really felt close as a child, maybe they were afraid to show affection. I feel that is a big mistake.

Alan was quite an armful to carry at six months, so we got him a pushchair. A new one this time, this was useful as the buses would take them folded and it enabled me to travel to town when needed.


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