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Poetry Pleases: An Autumn Retreat

William Ruleman's memorable poem reminds us that there is resilience and comfort to be found in Nature's restorative arms.

November is gentle here in this park:
The wind susurrates through leaf-shorn trees;
Noon, and hours to go before dark,
Though night makes its advent felt on the breeze.

A deer bounds over the blacktop road,
Crashes into the brush.
I feel my own heart bound as it did,
And in its wake, the subsequent hush.

The blue sky’s awash with cirrus cloud
Behind already bare silver limbs;
A silence envelops the air like a shroud;
The crickets sing their plaintive hymns.

And I, with years before me, have come
To listen and hear what I can hear
Upon the subtle breezes’ hum
To help me face the winter sans fear.


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