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U3A Writing: Echoes Of Christmas

Vera Sanderson remembers the Christmases that used to be.

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Why can’t we have Christmas as it used to be
with lovely hand-made presents and a living
Christmas tree adorned with fine glass baubles,
tinsel stars and candle lights glowing in the
gathering dusk to herald Christmas nights?

Mother busy baking in the kitchen warm and
snug, children wrapping presents by the
fireside on the rug, weeks and weeks of
knitting, sewing, nailing bits of wood when
things were completed didn’t we feel good!
Sister got a knitted scarf, dad some dark
wool socks, for mum a fancy apron, and gran
a sewing box.

Hanging Christmas stockings, on the chimney breast
see the stockings bulging in a most mysterious way
with books and balls and cricket bats and wind-up tin-plate toys
and gorgeous dolls in knitted clothes
Delighting girls and boys.

Up at dawn next morning “Happy Christmas day’’
relatives arriving, spice cake, mince pies, sherry just the thing to warm our hearts and make our Christmas merry
log fires burning brightly, sunlight on the wall,
wishing “Merry Christmas, greetings one and all.’’

Off to church with father, through the frost and snow
nipping toes and fingers, making faces glow
“Hark the herald angels’’, “Silent holy night’’
Little church mouse scuttling, giving us a fright
Peeps out of the manger, giving countless mirth
If it wakes our baby there will be no peace on Earth.

Home for Christmas dinner, family gathered there,
chicken steaming on the plate, offer up our prayer:
“May we all live safely through the coming year
with the Lord to guide us there is naught to fear.
Thank you lord for giving all the food we eat.’’
Yorkshire puds with gravy,
Christmas pud so sweet.

Happy family parties, playing silly games, mistletoe and holly,
home-made paper chains, pulling Christmas crackers, making balloons burst too
much sherry trifle, and more of what came first
little robin bobbing for crumbs thrown in the snow, all the cousins in the hall, it’s time for them to go.

Sweet memories of Christmas, just for me and you.
Could it be that distance lends enchantment to the view?
Do you think our children in 2033
watching Christmas on the box in virtual reality
contacting relations on telephone TV
will turn to their partner to whisper wistfully
“I wish we could have Christmas as Christmas used to be
with plastic toys and plastic balls on a great big plastic tree’’?


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