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Poetry Pleases: Life is Sweet

Sonia Noble wrote this poem when her border collie was just a puppy. It express the joy of walking with a dog on a crisp, sunny morn.

Crisp, sunny morn,
Sunday at its best
Took Sam for a walk through the fields
For a rest at the crest of the hill
Views of the valley across
The wind blew Sam's fur, he squinted and poised
His nose, scenting the air.
Running, tail high, scampering when called
Not on leash, but free to run wild
To the brim with joy in his heart.
My spirits rose as I looked on the pleasure of
Sam with his freedom and fun, of golden and browns
Of leaves, trees and fields and sun filtering cool, crisp and bright
Life is sweet, oh it is,
I want everyone to know,
Just what it feels like, savouring the thrill,
Of walking your dog, no cares in the world and feeding off pure delight
Through deep puddles he ran, mouth open to catch splashes and on.
Horse dirt as well he must have, so it seems, sampling here and snatching it there
But dogs foraged before time began.
Back home to our cottage and Sam finds his pal, Dalmatian called Tess from next door.
I cut up the rind and wipe out the pan from bacon grilled cold now awaits
Placed on table outside for the birds.
Glad of the feed and flitting about, coal tits, goldfinch and all
Sweet life it is, all pleasure it is
Sam's cleaning the tin, rasping fat with his tongue
Better in him than to waste such a taste
A good partnership we have, all loving and giving
This perfection it did create.


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