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North American Dreaming: Meditations From The Valley Of The Manic Muse

William Burkholder brings a turbulent poem to match these turbulent times.

Do pleasde visit Bill's Web site http://www.freewebs.com/nirvanasgate/index.htm

Organo gasm orangutan munching in valley meadows of crisp sunbeam leaking. Fantasia has found its home under oak, and pine shingle slats under
Down spat schisms of daytime TV and nineteen fifties dreams and calliopes, endearing nave circulations and steam stoked tooting of ones own horn, born of less than, not enough of, and can't haves. No salve to cure this insubordinate itching, of needy, see me, be me, just once, shoe shifting hike of lies. Clandestine truths far reaching, out of reach for teaching mind meld techniques of those, they, and them, instead of me, me, me!
Security, obscure notions of societal potions to cure all and make each and everything right, O but a dream in the valley of the manic muse, Blind headlight beaming on runaway, rain soaked roads, guardrails missing and bums pissing at the sides of cornered markets, lifting wallets and filling gullets with blood and stone, and the coins from a dead man's eyes. A sike-a delick dirge of bailout and fallout, pullout and condom, boredom and fiefdom, Columbine and borderline. Colorado target practice of the innocent and the deranged, propane tanks spanking their sense of dignity and fueling their sources of revenge. O, to simply dream in the valley of the manic muse, Shedding bloody bedding and fungal mycosis of conscience and bon bon goodbyes of what is truth teeming in valley streams, beams and bubbles of refracted thoughts glistening upon blind hearts and
Perforated ears, Wringing spear points to dust, a must, and just so this shrine is built it will be torn asunder, blunders of politico knuckles, tightening my buckles of food and freedom and forethought to find truth in the valley of the manic muse.


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