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Christmas Every Week: Millennium

As you will gather Arnold Kellett wrote this poem some years ago, but its message is still significant today, and on every future day and year.

Millennium! Why make such a fuss?
What's it got to do with us?
Why! Two thousand years, you see,
Since Christ was born to start AD.
No! That's not true - the Gospels say
That Christ was born in Herod's day,
And since historians all agree
That Herod died in 4 BC,
The Bethlehem birth, we can be sure,
Is chronologically premature.

Our calendars are quirkish things,
Rearranged by popes and kings ...
Two thousand years, then, let's retrace
To when the birth of Christ took place ...
The Millennium we would have to fix
In Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Six!

We've missed the Millennium!
It's passed us by!
(Some with great relief would sigh!)
But does it matter? Dates are rough,
And history's made of stronger stuff.

The Millennium can so rightly serve
A unique Christmas to observe,
And as the worldwide Church acclaims
The Name above all other names,
Countless billions turn to see
The turning-point of history:
Two thousand global years gone by -
Dated from a baby's cry.


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