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Fast Fiction: Something To Say

Sometimes itís hard to find the right words, as Richard Mallinsonís story reveals.

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'If you'd taken that other turning,' Helena said, 'we'd never have met.'

'Yes,' he said, 'it was either the turning to Crastor or the turning to Brackham and I took this one ... and there you were, outside the shop.'

'And you stopped and asked me the way to Hovington and I said just stay on this road until you reach the next sign and then I realised that you didn't really want to know and you'd stopped because -'

'Because what?'

'Because you fancied me.'

'You can say that again.'

'Because you fancied me.'

They both laughed.


This is the place,' he said, 20 years later, 'where I first met Helena.'

'What, here? In front of this old shop?' said Miriam, his second wife. 'But why do you want me to see it?'

He pointed his camera at her. 'Smile, please,' he said.

'No,' she said, 'this is weird.' She moved away from the shop front.

'Oh, come on,' he said, 'it's perfectly harmless.'

In the car back to London Miriam said, 'Am I very different from Helena?'

He glanced sideways at her, trying to think of something to say.


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