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Fast Fiction: The Argument

An argument can lead to dire consequences, as Richard Mallinson’s story suggests.

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'I'm still wondering how it arose,' he said.

'How what arose?' I asked.

'The argument.'


'Yes, the one I told you about.'

'You didn't tell me about an argument.'

'I did . . . yesterday.'

'Yesterday? No way. I'd have known if- '

'I'm sure it was yesterday when I told you. '

'Couldn't have been. I'd have known . . .'

'Yes, that's what you keep saying but it doesn't alter the fact.'

'The fact?'

'The fact of the matter.'

'And what is the fact of the matter?'

'The argument, of course. That is the bloody fact of the matter . . . The sodding argument with the president.'

'All right,' I said, 'calm down .. . It's not the end of the world, is it?'

He began to laugh wildly. 'It might be,' he said, 'it might well be.'

I left the room as discreetly as possible.

'Anything wrong?' asked Mildred, outside.


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