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Got The T-Shirt: Without Closure

This poem by Steph Spiers tells of the profound and lasting sadness of a family break-up.

To read more of Steph's wonderful poems please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/got_the_tshirt/

Uncle George disappeared,
gone without a trace.
His mother fretted when Grandpa died
and George didn’t show his face
at the funeral.

Uncle George, mother’s brother
always a bit of a lad.
Had a family bust up in ’53,
in hindsight Ma thought it sad,
with him vanishing.

Leaving all his friends behind,
abandoning his mom and dad.
Broken hearted Gran went next,
all her hopes and dreams went bad:
no consolation.

Even his sister felt the loss
despite a lifetime of sibling nag.
Georgy porgy; short trousers
grazed knees playing on the slag
heap from the pot bank.

‘Whose moon is it?’
He’d ask from the coal shed roof.
‘Full of draft questions,’
said our Peachy, her voice aloof
but tears threatening.

Peachy never gave up hope
one day he’d get in touch.
Always jumped at every knock,
anxiety blighted her life so much:
was he murdered?

What fate had befallen George?
Bonny black-eyed Irish youth
full of trouble and wild schemes,
a ronk ‘un and that’s the truth,
but so missed


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