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The Day Before Yesterday: 54 – A Snobby Lady

Gladys Schofield encounters a snobby lady when she is called up to serve in the Armed Forces.

To read earlier chapters of Gladys’s engaging life story please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/the_day_before_yesterday/

Prompted by the success of Madam Broody, Cliff decided a few ducklings would be handy, to run on the wasteland behind the house and used her services again with duck eggs. She didn't seem to know the difference and settled down as before. He settled her in the pen the chicks had been reared in, as it was June and the nights were warmer.

I got notice to register for the Armed Forces. I had not given it a thought with having a baby, I was exempt but I had to convince them of this, so I made my way to the local Recruiting Office. I walked through the doors of this building, into a room that was empty, apart from a large desk at the far side of the room. A lady in uniform was sat at this desk, peering at an open ledger. I could see hers was the only chair in the room, so assumed this meeting would not take very long. "I suppose you know" she began, "you are now of age to enter one of His Majesty's Armed Forces, which one would you prefer?" she said haughtily, eyeing me as a snake would watch a victim.

I took a dislike to this snobby lady and thought at least I should have been offered a seat while we had this discussion, so decided to play along a bit. "I'm afraid I can't go into any of the Armed Forces", I said. "Every able bodied person must fight for her country at a time like this, there is always munitions factories," she carried on "and land girls are needed. A young girl like you has no excuse.’’ Her cold gaze never wavering from my face. "Well" said I, "so long as I can take my baby with me, I don't mind at all" handing over Alan's Birth Certificate. "Well, well" she flustered, her face now red, "of course you are exempt, why didn't you tell me right away" and dismissing me, once again peered at her ledger and resumed her writing.


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