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North American Dreaming: Delirium's Tower

In delirium's tower there are flashing, flashing, flashing lights, shards of blood-stained glass...

William Burkholder presents an edgy poem.

Do visit Bill's Web site http://www.freewebs.com/nirvanasgate/index.htm

Like a bullet through Realities windshield,
She entered a nuclear suburban time-line,
Fiberglass graveyard gates marking the detour.

The lithium and morphine gallows creaking,
In naked waltzing winds.
Delirium's tower, flashing, flashing, flashing.
Perpetuating chemical, toxic, electrical impulses.

This was not her hologram Eden.
Possibly paranoid hallucinations,
Catacomb cravings,
A daydreamer’s disease,

Where ethical currency,
Its sum zero, rules.
Tower rising in laminations,
To call of vodka fueled
Friction along its ramparts and stairs.

She climbs,
Climbs to extinguish this light
To remove shattered shards
Of broken bullet stained glass.
And finally lock the fiberglass gates.


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