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Around The Sun: If I Ruled The World

Steve Harrison makes a detailed case as to why he should rule the world.

The mind is like a parachute. It only works when it is open.

I read Michael Moore’s book “Stupid White Men” and saw the film “Bowling For Columbine”. My stay in Vietnam gave me more time in which to read and think. Michael Moore is a very clever man, down to earth and practical. I don’t feel the need to check his facts and statistics. Common sense indicates that most of what he says is true. The problem with common sense is that it isn't, very common that is.

His book set me to thinking what I would do if I was in a position of power. A President, a King, the Pope... The crazy thing was that the more I thought about it, the more I decided the world could be a better place with me in control. Then it occurred to me that if enough people liked my ideas they might elect me to power. So perhaps you should treat what follows as a manifesto. Yes, I am asking you to vote for me.

If I ruled the world I would make better use of military forces. I would get them to build bridges, roads, tunnels... Instead of bombing schools and hospitals they could be building them. They could be helping the poor and homeless. Instead of destroying, the military would be building. Other countries would then embrace democracy and welcome the nations who came to help.

If I ruled the world I would ensure that children were educated. Every child should be literate. Ignorance is not bliss. Instead of spending money on armaments and missiles it should be poured into books, teachers and schools.

No-one would pay to be educated. Education is the most wonderful gift that anyone can be given. Two years after leaving school I realised I was no longer reading books. I was suddenly gripped by the fear that I would always remain ignorant. I bought some books, and since then I have always tried to continue to educate myself.

Education drives away ignorance and fear. It frees us from being the captives of ignorance. Teachers should be paid the highest salaries.

Education is not the memorising of facts and figures. It's showing people how to think for themselves, to work out their own destinies. They need to be equipped to make wise choices. In the majority of countries education is expensive and can only be afforded by the wealthy. Those who are educated should always be trying to give free instruction to those who are not educated. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for life.

If I ruled the world teachers and nures would definitely be paid more than accountants and lawyers. It astounds me that those who deal with money are better paid than those who educate a child or help to heal a sick person. We all love our own children. How extraordinary then that we should entrust them in their formative years to people who earn a pittance.

If I ruled the world all medical treatment would be free, and military spending would be diverted to medical research.

There is more than enough wealth and food in the world to provide for every person. No one should be allowed to starve or suffer.

If I ruled the world I would create work for the unemplyed. One of the most despairing periods in my life was when I had to line up in a dole queue to collect money. A painful and humiliating experience.

My life is certainly better for having a goal and a purpose. I sleep sounder knowing I have completed a a task and achieved something during the day. There is no worse feeling than to fritter away each day, getting nothing done. If you set a target of zero for your life you'll hit it every time. I’m not a very goal-orientated person, but I do recognise that when I have something to head for I am a lot happier.

England, Australia, America and most other industrialised countries have created welfare systems. They have safety nets to catch and protect the weaker members of society. You can fail without worries. The state will put out its hands to arrest your fall. However this has created a weak and spineless society, dependent on the state, grovelling to the state. Mankind was not made to bow down, but to proudly stand upright.

There is more than enough work to be done. Roads to be repaired and built, old people's homes to be maintained. Dole money should only be given to those prepared to do this work.


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