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North American Dreaming: Pavement

"Is it so hard to understand the malady of Man?'' asks William Burkholder in this poem.

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These streets are an ocean, a pavement laid sea of high adventure and real world navigations.
Some sail into the abyss of ignorance; while others find their charted marks.
We all will adjust this set and drift of our lives; we shall individually find our course.

Is it so hard to understand the malady of Man? It is but temporary at best.
This wild eyed dreaming of fruition is not meant to be a pipe dream, it is attainable for all.
Yet we drift among ourselves, lost in life's gales and troughs,
resigning ourselves to lay low amongst the flotsam of our despair.

Rolling in tumultuous wave born sorrows whether they are perpetrated upon us or not.
"Perpetrations," those of the self inflicted, are what lay bare this sea.
We are in fact our own worst enemy in terms of self worth and blessed reality;
and in that reality, each is worthy of their given horizon.


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