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Donkin's World: The Bald Truth

Author and journalist Richard Donkin makes a sobering discovery.

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I'm 51 - long past the age for a mid-life crisis but I was patting my hair the other day like you do. Don't you pat your hair? No, I'm not sure I do very often either which is probably why I was surprised to find that there didn't seem much to pat.

"My hair seems to be going a bit thin on top," I said to Gill. "Yes there's not much there now," she said. "Your bald patch is showing like a tonsure these days."

Is it? This came as a surprise to me. I tried to look at the back of my head in the wardrobe mirror, turning as I did like a dog chasing its tale, then bending backwards like a limbo dancer. This explained everything. You can't see the back of your head. It's unfamiliar territory.

So I found another small mirror and did the thing that barbers do when they show off their handy work after cutting your hair. It made me realise how clever my barber has been. He must hold the mirror at such an angle that it only shows the lower head hair and not the shiny round skating-rink on top.

The thing is that there is still a bit of hair on the crown so it feels hairy rather than polished. But the inspection revealed more pink than grey. It's definitely going.

The great thing is that this is no big deal. This isn't premature baldness. It's "about the right time" baldness which makes all the difference. I don't feel the need to shave it all off like some younger blokes I know. But it's left me wondering about future trips to the barber's: at what stage can you ask for concessions?


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